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Step 1. Reserve a Box.

Step 1. Reserve a Box.

You cannot subscribe to SPARK! You can only reserve a box when it becomes available until it is sold out.

SPARK! Boxes are sold through our LoveBug Studios website, so don’t panic when you’re taken there to complete your purchase.

Each box will have the theme listed and the ship date.

SPARK! Boxes will ship via USPS with 1-3 day delivery, but international shipments will take longer to arrive.

We don’t reveal the contents of the SPARK! Boxes for a while, maybe months.

We like our Sparklers to have the benefit of opening theirs and giggling in their own good time.


Step 2. Make Something. Anything.

Step 2. Make Something. Anything.

We hope there’s something in the SPARK! Box that’s a jumping off point for your creations.

It’s not a project-in-a-box; it’s an idea-starter. Like kindling.

Maybe there’s a new-to-you tool or material for you to experiment with.

We want you to play. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to SPARK!

If something catches our eye that we think you might want to make, we’ll let you know.

The point is… make something. It doesn’t have to be in the box.  Maybe it’s something out of the box.

Maybe the something is the box. Because containers.

We’re not judging.


Step 3. Share Your SPARK!

Step 3. Share Your SPARK!

We’re super-curious about what you’re doing with the contents of your SPARK! Box.

Maybe you made a kite tail with some cute scraps. We wanna see it!

Maybe you found the perfect addition to your niece’s baby quilt. We wanna see it!

Maybe you recycled the box. We could use some ideas!

We’re on Instagram as @lovebugstudios and tagging with #sparklers and #sparkquiltbox

We would also love to know what you think of SPARK! Just fill out the enclosed postcard, and don’t forget to draw us a picture.

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Ebony Love - Designer, Author and QuilterHi! I’m Ebony Love, the designer behind the SPARK! Box and owner of LoveBug Studios.

I am so very excited about the possibilities for SPARK!

I came up with SPARK! as a way to extend my popular annual UFO Orphan Adoption (not the stuff, the idea.)

I love the way the Adoptions bring people together and how much people look forward to them.

It is also wonderful to see people willing to share their bounty; splitting items they won, and even secretly gifting them to each other.

It is about so much more than the stuff.

I love seeing what other people make. It’s fun for me to see people take an idea and run with it.

I love sharing things with other quilters – my knowledge, my enthusiasm, my aesthetic. And sometimes, yes, my stuff.

The annual Adoptions will continue – that’s a great purging exercise for me and my studio – but where it falls short is that only one or two people can enjoy each item.

SPARK! allows me to share more things with more people – things I love, things I like, things I’m inspired by.

Things I think you should have because they will make you a better quilter.

Things I’ve chosen for you because I think they will bring a smile to your face, or make you laugh out loud (dare I say giggle?)

When you reserve a SPARK! Box, you’re giving yourself the gift of wonder, the chance to connect, and permission to create.

Frequently Asked Questions

Or rather, questions we made up that we think you might ask because we’re so new that no one’s asked us questions yet.

How do I subscribe?

You can’t. You can only reserve a box when they are available.

How do I know when a box is available?

You can sign up to be notified. You’ll get a note when they are ready to reserve. (This will also subscribe you to the LoveBug Studios Newsletter. But we suck at sending those newsletters regularly, so it’s kind of like glimpsing a rare, exotic bird. We hope to improve one day soon.)

What’s in a SPARK! Box?

Well, we can’t tell you what’s in a real SPARK!, because that would spoil the surprise. We did put together a hypothetical Sample SPARK! Box, which is based on a made up theme that we can no longer use because we wasted it on a fake box no one will ever see.

How can I buy the Sample Box?

Oh. That’s different.  Right now, you can’t buy the sample box, because if we were really going to do a box like that, we’d need time to get the lemon charm made.  But if it’s really something you want, send us a note and let us know. If it’s popular enough, maybe we’ll make up a special non-surprise SPARK! Box.

Do you charge for shipping?

Yes. Shipping is based on weight, and SPARK! Boxes are likely to go via Priority Mail because of it.  We don’t have a fancy site yet where we can do flat-rate shipping. And free shipping is totally bananas. Have you seen the shipping prices lately?

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, except to the EU. The VAT rules are too burdensome for this business to comply with.  We think that sucks.

How much is a SPARK! Box?

SPARK! Box prices vary because we like to find products that fit our theme, not fit an arbitrary price. Once we figure out what goes in the box, we set the price. If it’s possible to set the price below full retail, we will do so.

I added up everything in my SPARK! and I could have bought all this stuff on my own for less.

If you’re looking for quilt stuff to be had cheaply, SPARK! is not for you.  The point of SPARK! is not to offer you cheaper supplies, but to curate a special collection of items that will inspire and delight you. If you take the time to hunt for special items as we do, and factor in that time as a cost, you may find those “cheaper” items aren’t really less expensive, depending on how you value your time.  🙂

Plus… ours is packed elegantly in a lovely box. Can you really put a price on that?

Aren’t you getting SPARK! stuff for free?

For the most part, no – we buy at wholesale prices just like everyone else.  If we have any sponsored items, we will let you know inside the box.  However, we don’t accept sponsored items that do not fit our carefully-selected themes or that we would not personally use or recommend in our own quilt-making.

When will I get my SPARK! Box?

Each SPARK! box has a targeted shipping date, which you’ll know when the SPARK! Box is ready to reserve.

When do you charge my card?

We charge your card immediately for the SPARK! Box. In the future, we hope to offer delayed billing based on the ship date rather than the order date.

Can I cancel my SPARK! Box before it ships?

Sure. Just contact us via the LoveBug Studios site (where you placed your order.) LoveBug Studios Refund and Exchange Policies apply.

What if I don’t like my box?

Well, shoot.  Sorry about that. We tried.  Good thing you don’t have a pesky subscription to deal with. Maybe you have a friend who might enjoy it?






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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my SPARK box! I have been waiting for this anxiously since I reserved it the first day it was available, and it did not disappoint!! The packaging was so very clever. It made it seem like multiple presents in one box. I had myself giggling because it took me a few minutes to figure out what the light was and how to use it. LOL! Giggle, I did. Thank you, Ebony, for taking the time to procure all the special items. I could sense your fun in choosing them. AB FAB! I have already reserved the box for June. Can’t wait!

B. Haag B. Haag