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About Us

Ebony Love - Designer, Author and QuilterHi! I’m Ebony Love, the designer behind the SPARK! Box and owner of LoveBug Studios.

I am so very excited about the possibilities for SPARK!

I came up with SPARK! as a way to extend my popular annual UFO Orphan Adoption (not the stuff, the idea.)

I love the way the Adoptions bring people together and how much people look forward to them.

It is also wonderful to see people willing to share their bounty; splitting items they won, and even secretly gifting them to each other.

It is about so much more than the stuff.

I love seeing what other people make. It’s fun for me to see people take an idea and run with it.

I love sharing things with other quilters – my knowledge, my enthusiasm, my aesthetic. And sometimes, yes, my stuff.

The annual Adoptions will continue – that’s a great purging exercise for me and my studio – but where it falls short is that only one or two people can enjoy each item.

SPARK! allows me to share more things with more people – things I love, things I like, things I’m inspired by.

Things I think you should have because they will make you a better quilter.

Things I’ve chosen for you because I think they will bring a smile to your face, or make you laugh out loud (dare I say giggle?)

When you reserve a SPARK! Box, you’re giving yourself the gift of wonder, the chance to connect, and permission to create.