Ignite Your Creativity

Introducing the SPARK! Quilt Box

Introducing the SPARK! Quilt Box

This idea has been smoldering for a long time.


Everyone’s got a box these days. But not all boxes are created equal.

Every box is different, and yet they are all the same.

Sure. Subscribe and we’ll send you some quilty stuff. Yawn.

Not this box.



A SPARK! Box is an experience.

Part of the fun is in the unwrapping.

Part of the fun is in the unpacking.

Most of the fun should be in the making.

The rest of the fun is in the sharing with your fellow SPARKlers.



How do you get a SPARK! Box?

You can’t subscribe to SPARK! You either get one. Or you don’t.

SPARK! Boxes are limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Sign up to be notified when a new SPARK! Box is ready to be reserved.



What’s in a SPARK! Box?

Each SPARK! Box is built around a theme. Mysterious themes like Blue Suede Shoes.

We hand-pick items that fit our theme and inspire the most joy.

We want to ignite your creativity… and induce a fit of giggles.

We created a hypothetical Sample SPARK! Box. Wanna see it?


How Much is a SPARK! Box?

This is a hard question. Really hard.

We focus more on the theme than hitting a set price. Box prices vary.

We like to say, SPARK! Boxes are a deal, not a steal.

We aim for 10-25% off retail, but don’t always make it.



Is a SPARK! Box for You?

We want you to feel inspired to make.

We want you to feel a part of something special when you receive a SPARK!

If you need to have the latest, greatest, newest, brightest… this box is not for you.

We don’t do fads here. Think classic LBD… except for quilting. And with giggles.